Get Rid of Mice in the Attic

How to Get Rid of Mice in the Attic Insulation

Many people store heirlooms, seasonal decor, and keepsakes in the attic. Once the mice make the attic their home, that stuff becomes a nesting zone for breeding. Remember that mice breed at a high rate and can dominate your whole attic-even the room between the house’s walls. When you don’t understand how to prevent the mice in these attic spaces, a mice infestation can lead to some significant issues.

If you feel mice are in the attic, this guide outlines ways to help eliminate them. While preventing mice is a difficult task, with effort and patience, you could mouse-proof the home this cold season. Contact attic insulation expert if you need professional assistance.

Inspect and Identify

This should be the first thing to do if you are looking to control the mice. You should meticulously check the attic for any signs of mice, such as their droppings and any indicators of their movements. Before you start the inspection, ensure you have proper equipment and clothing.

Remove the mice

You should utilize humane and eco-friendly methods to get rid of the mice. Using snap traps is an excellent option since it eliminates the mice faster than battery-operated electrocution traps. 

Prevent glue traps that cause lingering, slow deaths. Toxins are worse since the mice could lose life in the wall, leading to a poor smell. Follow the guidelines on the trap you select and place them in zones where you see dark corners, feces, and close to primary entry points.

Remove Gateways

Because a mouse is a notorious climber and jumper, you’ll need to eliminate any extra chances for them to enter your attic. It means pruning bushes and trimming trees around your house perimeter; a great distance is 2 ft from the exterior. 

Note that a mouse can grab a brick side and climb onto the rooftop. With that, you must check on the attic as the season changes. With these guidelines, you’ll be okay to maintain a mouse-proof attic, and you can get back to the store and ignore any item you keep in this functional room.

Mechanical Exclusion

Mice exclusion from outside in. For instance, reduce access to the attic by trimming trees away from the roof. Shockingly, this step alone lowers most rodent issues in most situations. Next, you should seal entryways that offer easy access to the attic. 

Apply hardware, sheet metal, or cloth to cover holes in overhangs and eaves. You can utilize steel wool that helps in plugging pipe entry sections. Mice will constantly look for water and follow plumbing pipes till they get it.

In conclusion, cover small holes using silicone caulking. It’s a step to make sure that mice have a challenge finding their way into the attic.

Take away

To deal with mice in the attic, regularly check the insulation and act immediately if you see signs of activity. Consider seeking help from an attic insulation specialist to replace sections of insulation or block access points. This approach can save you time, energy, and effort and provide a pest-free home. So, call a professional today!